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Joystick for Movi in Alu body


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Control Tilt and Pan by one operator. Dual Rate mode.
New Joystick for Movi (MōVI M5, M10, and M15) in Matted black Aluminium body(case) to control Pan and Tilt axises and to switch modes.
Has 2-axis stick and button in it.
Use D.Bus / S.Bus protocol.
Easy to install.
Easy to plug.
Easy to use.
Easy to switch control modes by clicking of button.
New Joystick has Dual Rate mode.
To activate it you need press and hold Knob about 2 sec.
Then Joystick will reduce the rate of twice.
Press and hold Knob about 2 sec again for Full speed mode.
To configure it, please, open FreeFly software and change settings in Remote Controller Config:
  • Radio Type: SBUS
  • Map Remote Mode: -7
  • Map Remote Pan: 1
  • Map Remote Pan Rate: 0
  • Map Remote Tilt: -2
  • Map Remote Tilt Rate: 0
  • Map Remote Roll Trim: 0 or your value
in Video there is Ronin Gimbal. But this Joystick is for Movi too. Later will video with Movi.

Joystick set contains:
1. Joystick in Mat black Alu body with Stick and Button.
2. 68cm black silica cable with Futaba plug for connect to Ronin's D.bus.
3. Very strong 3M double tape square 25x25 mm.
4. Packing box.

This model of Joystick can work with any Gimbal which has S.Bus (D.bus) input, like as DJI Ronin/Ronin-M, Alexmos32bit etc.

  • For: Movi
  • Made by: Vanavara