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Teokit - easy aerial GNSS


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Allows you to transform your DJI Phantom 4 adv/pro and V2 to surveying and mapping drone.



Please see installation Manual first:


Easy and cheap PPK solution for your DJI Phantom 4 adv | pro.

Teokit contains:
Spiral GNSS Antenna
AShot board
Emlid Reach M+

AShot controls DJI Can Bus and know info about Camera setting like as Exposure etc, and read Sony Sensor Bus to know about Exposure start and end.
That all allows AShot to give Timemark in the middle of Exposure without delay.
With AShot board and Reach M+ installed to DJI Ph4 pro we make survey maps with 1-3 cm plan error and 2-4 cm altitude error with one GCP.

Teoboard is the heart of Teokit! 
GNSS signal distribution board from the spiral antenna to the Reach M + and DJI GPS module. 
A unique solution that allows you to have a constant high-quality signal of the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations.
Get high quality RAW satellite measurement data always, regardless of the weather and time!
Download an example of the raw GNSS data with the Teoboard and Reach M+ and Spiral antenna:

Our Spiral GNSS L1 antenna is highly sensitive.
Is mounted in the center of DJI Phantom 4. 
Quick removable.

Now Teokit contains Emlid Reach M+ GNSS L1 solution - the cheapest and coolest GNSS board.


For tech support please use Telegram: