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CFixer - degaussing tool for DJI drone



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How many times have you seen "Compass Error" sign on your tablet screen in DJI GO app? Or this ominous inscription "Exit GPS Mode"?

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CFixer is the most popular degaussing tool for DJI drones and other models like as Xiaomi, GoPro, 3DRobotics, Hubsan drones.



How many times have you seen  "Compass Error" sign on your tablet screen in DJI GO app? Or this ominous inscription "Exit GPS Mode"? ((

It is especially frustrating is when your drone is far away and out of sight.

Non of DJI drone can operate in GPS mode (hold position) without a properly working compass.

Here are a some reasons of compass failure:

  • The flight takes place near power line supports (30 meters radius);
  • Drone was placed on the hood of the car (especially for DJI phantom 3);
  • Accidental contact of a compass with a magnet (even a short-term contact);
  • Flight indoors in the locations of large quantities of metal (production halls, factories, warehouses).

As a consequence you shall encounter such symptoms as:

  • Frequent occurrence of "Compass Error";
  • Inability to fly a drone in a straight line;
  • When flying along the given waypoints -  camera turns slightly to the side;
  • "Toilet bowl" when hanging on the spot;
  • Tilted horizon when making turns.

Place the CFixer next to a compass and press the button. After 9 seconds your compass will be brought to the default state.

Go out to the field area and perform compass calibration according to DJI instruction.

In some cases, calibration of the IMU may be required. Perform it on a flat surface according to DJI instructions. Then perform calibration of a Gimbal.

In the future, you do not need to calibrate your Compass. If the Flight program asks you to do this, just lift the copter off the ground or choose another the takeoff place.

Use CFixer every time after flying close to the metal structures, power lines, inside the shops or warehouses. As well as in case of a magnetized compass symptoms.

After applying CFixer, do not forget to calibrate the compass in the open field area.

Now flying with a DJI Copter has become much safer!

We wish you successful flights and soft landings, dear Friends!




Case: plastic 
Sizes: 95х55х16 mm 
Weight: 130 gr 
Power: 12-26 v, use Charger for DJI Phantom 3 adv/pro or Phantom 4 or inspire 1/2


For Spark use this cable: SparkCable

For Mavic Pro use this cable: MavicProCable

For Mavic Air use this cable: MavicAirCable

For Mavic 2 use this cable: Mavic2Cable

For Phantom 3 Standart/SE use this cable: Ph3Cable

For Phantom 4 use this cable: Ph4Cable


Click here for downloading the manual.

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