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MegaJ for Ronin / Ronin-M or Movi



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Joystick for Ronin / Ronin-M or Movi with extra features

Mat Black Aluminium case with white Strip as LED.

Use D.Bus protocol.

Easy to install.
Easy to plug.
Easy to use.
Easy to switch control modes by clicking of button.

MegaJ has S.bus input.
If you have already bought our old Joystick, plug it into the MegaJ and control of Roll axis.

Now you can plug any S.bus devices, like as our Joystick, Futaba or FrSky SB reciever and etc to the MegaJ S.bus input port and control 1-16 channels.
Use this feature if you want to control Ronin / Ronin-M or Movi by Dual operators. (You and Remote).

MegaJ has Dual Rate mode.
To activate it you need press Knob.
Then Joystick will reduce the rate of twice.
Press Knob again for Full speed mode.
You may see LED lights during Rate switching.

You may change Ronin Mode by press and HOLD of the Stick about 3 sec.

For buyers from 20 of October 2015 Joystick has new features:
Axis Reverse and Axis kill:
  • 3 clicks - Roll reverse enable. 3 clicks again - Roll axis OFF. 3 clicks again - Roll axis ON, normall direction.
  • 4 clicks - Tilt reverse enable. 4 clicks again - Tilt axis OFF. 4 clicks again - Tilt axis ON, normall direction.
It will helpful when use Ronin-M gimbal

MegaJ set contains:
1. MegaJ in Mat black Alu body with Stick and Button.
2. 68cm black silica cable with Futaba plug for connect to Gimbal's D.bus (S.bus).
3. Very strong 3M double tape square 25x25 mm.
4. Packing box.
  • For: Movi,DJI Ronin,DJI Ronin-M
  • Made by: Vanavara